Groot - 30oz

The Colorful Bee Tumblers

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Groot - 30oz

I Was Groot. Adorable woodgrain, spoof cup.

This cup is double walled insulated stainless steel.


See other tabs for important information.

We do our very best to produce a high quality, near perfect product.

However, our items are hand made.  They are created in a studio with many glitters and other art supplies around.  There are always multiple items in production at a time.  These factors together mean that some flaws are unavoidable.  It is quite possible that there may be some cross contamination.  The odd couple of pieces of glitter that may not match, or minor blemishes that are discreet.

If, in our opinion, it detracts from the look of the product, we fix it, or start over.  However, if, in our sole opinion, it is acceptable, we will not fix or replace the product.

All Ready-To-Sell products for sale on our website have already been deemed acceptable by us, and therefore they are all sold AS-IS.  This includes the product you are viewing right now.  In general, there are no returns or refunds of items sold from our website. In rare instances, we might, at our sole discretion, make exceptions to this.

This product is coated in an FDA Compliant Resin.

It is not dishwasher safe or microwave safe.  It should not be left in the sun, or in a hot car.  It should not be left to soak in water.  Hand wash only.  Do not drop or strike.

Failure to comply with these instructions could result in damage to the product and compromise the safety of the product.

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